WHO||Europe in “Danger”||condition getting worse in last 24 hours

Deaths per hour : France – 60 , Britain – 30

By 9th April,2020, France has recorded 1400 deaths due to corona virus in last 24 hours and Britain has recorded 786 deaths in the last 24 hours which makes it 1 death/min. in France 1 death in every second minute. In France the counting of number of deaths has crossed 10,000. Around 7,091 people in hospital and 3,237 in old-age homes died due to corona. On Wednesday , WHO has shown sympathy on the condition of Europe.

On Wednesday, Netherlands has recorded around 1000 new cases which results in crossing the total number of cases by 20,000 . In Britain, soldiers are given training to provide ambulance services. This is because of lack of nurses. On the other side, France has become the fifth nation to have more than 1 lakh infected people. Around 7000 are on oxygen support ant ventilators.

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