Japan’s Response To Covid-19

Japan showed up limited response to the disease

Virus being a huge respiratory widespread took lightly by Japanese

Virus being an omnipresent, Japan showed very limited response to it. Japan halt the entries of other countries in nation increased from 49 to 73 that is third of the world.

There are nearly 1,400 confirmed cases and over 44 deaths as of March 27. On March 5, 55 new cases were reported. Almost three weeks later, on March 25, just 98 new cases were reported.

Affected Areas in Japan

The number of coronavirus cases in Japan rose to 20 on Saturday as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instructed ministers to come up with additional steps to respond to the outbreak.

COVID-19: Japanese People Disrgard Social Distancing to Admire Cherry Blossoms

Japan seemed to have escaped a massive coronavirus outbreak. Now cases are rising as a result of Cherry blossom festival.Neither the coronavirus pandemic, nor the economic impact prevented people in Japan from coming outdoors to take part in the annual tradition of admiring the cherry blossoms (sakura), which marks the beginning of the spring season in the country.

Sightseers at Cherry Blossom festival

Also Tokyo’s two Disneyland, Disneyresorts and Disneysea are locked on Friday for two weeks to maintain social distance among people. But while sporting events across Japan were held in empty stadiums Saturday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asked for the public’s help in combating the coronavirus outbreak as the country prepares to host the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer.

Tokyo Olympic organizers and IOC president Thomas Bach have repeatedly said the Games will go ahead as planned.

Visitors at Olympics

“To be frank, we cannot win this battle through the efforts of the government alone,” Abe said. “I have decided we must make all efforts in the next one or two weeks to prevent the spread (of the virus).”

Abe also said Japan is closely monitoring how the virus is affecting the global economy and will take additional financial actions if necessary.

Elsewhere Abe said in a call with World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monday evening that development of medicines and vaccines would be crucial to contain the outbreak.

Abe said Japan intends to promote clinical research on an anti-flu medicine called Favipiravir with other countries as a treatment for the virus.

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  1. Rlly how could these people still let the olympics go on it is a crouded event. Mostly worldwide affected countries are lock downed and still they didn’t.

    Nice work Garima

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