Are you ready to turn Off Lights For 9 Minutes Tonight at 9pm On PM Modi’s Appeal?

In a video message on Thursday, PM Modi made an appeal to the nation.

“On April 5, Sunday, at 9 pm, I want 9 minutes from all of you. Turn off all the lights in your homes, stand at your doors or balconies and light candles, diya (lamp) or mobile flashlights for 9 minutes.” Said PM Modi.

But soon after the request the state electricity boards expressed concern┬áthat sudden mass power fluctuations – when millions turn off light at the same time – could lead to power surges.

However Govt Issue a statement to allay fears. “There is no call to switch off street lights, computers or appliances such as TV sets, fans, refrigerators and air-conditioners in the homes,” the government said.

“Only lights should be switched off. The lights in hospitals and all other essential services like public utilities, municipal services, offices, police stations, manufacturing facilities, etc will remain on…” the statement read.

One thought on “Are you ready to turn Off Lights For 9 Minutes Tonight at 9pm On PM Modi’s Appeal?

  1. It’s just a gesture to show that we are united as one around this time of fear and pandemic.
    It is not new for our indian culture to light diya or candle.As today 5 April 2020 is Purnima ( full moon). According to Hinduism lightening of diya signifies purity, goodness, good luck and power. The presence of light means the non-existence of darkness and evil forces. There is no compulsion in doing this thing , if you feel your little light can bring a moment of joy and happiness then do it! And if you want a change in your country then wake up… Its always ” I ” …start with you…good things never go vain !!

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